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About T-Systems Hungary

Comprehensive industry solutions from T-Systems Hungary

T-Systems Hungary is the largest Hungarian service provider that can cover the entire range of ICT technologies. The company in the 100 percent ownership of Magyar Telekom has a clientele comprising large corporations and public sector institutions, to whom they supply ICT solutions using the latest technological advances and business trends.

The satisfaction of its more than 5000 clients is owed not only to T-Systems Hungary's technological readiness and versatile competences, but also to its customer support system, which brings clients simplicity and peace of mind. T-Systems was the very first in the country to implement a vertical approach in its operation, which is focussed on understanding customer demand and market opportunities, and the provision of services at a high standard. As a partner in transformation, T-Systems Hungary endeavours to cooperate with its customers in finding solutions that can genuinely address even the most complex business and operating problems encountered by the customers.

Being a member of the Deutsche Telekom and T-Systems International Groups, T-Systems Hungary is present with its range of services and products on the markets of many East-Central European states and numerous countries worldwide through local partners, cooperation agreements, and subsidiaries.


T-Systems Hungary provides ICT services in a uniquely wide scope in the region. As a company offering full-scale SAP competences, it is the most suitable partner for all those who can see a business opportunity in the THESIS ERP service.

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