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High Efficiency developer tool –Bx Business Designer

BX Business Designer is a stand-alone add-on, which has been developed for SAP Business One (SBO) users and consultants. With the help of the add-on SAP Business One or any other add-on using SAP Business One can be quickly customized.

Benefits for SAP Business One Users:

  • With BX Business Designer business processes can be easily and cheaply customized to specific needs in SAP Business One.
  • Your enterprise can achieve greater flexibility in optimizing its business processes.
  • Your company management system will be able to fulfil specific needs, which could otherwise be implemented only with external experts and high expenditures.
  • Simple solution without the complexity of add-on development and installation tasks.
  • There is no need for expensive software developers, for people with SDK knowledge the tool can be learned quickly and easily.

Benefits for SAP Consultants:

  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Higher consultant competency
  • Higher income because of the re-usability of scripts

In case of customers having more complex requirements some extra functions can become handy, which are not available right away. Some examples:

  • When printing a production order document another customized document is to be printed as well.
  • From time to time frozen items should be closed semi-automatically.
  • When an item with a serial number is taken into stock from production, and the user would like to choose a previously reserved serial number for the product.
  • The customer has 10000 production orders, but 9500 of them are already produced or invalid - and are not closed. The customer would like to close them.


Development environment (no need for other tools)

  • Intellisense Editor
  • Log Messenger
  • Debugger
  • Tester
  • Hundreds of  "fully integrated functions"(which are missing from SAP B1 DI/UI API)
  • Useful templates (new window, button with function, plausibility check…) from simple, through complex up to very complex

Training material

Support (for Designer)

Documentation for function

Runtime version for end users