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Document management – BX DMS ONE

The time spent on administrative processes - including mandatory  documentation obligations towards authorities - is continuously increasing. Sometimes it creates problems that employees store business documents in various ways and media (printed, server, own desktop, USB drive, CD, DVD, etc.). This generates problems and slows down the search of documents. The effective flow and management of information is among the most crucial aspects of a company’s operation - and basically this is the basis of daily work and business success.BX DMS ONE was specifically developed for SAP Business One and it is a unique document management system.


  • Based on its perfect integration all information and documents are simply and immediately available from the SAP Business One interface.
  • Documents created in SAP Business One are automatically registered and filed- while price offers, orders, invoices, supplier and warehouse documents are processed with priority.
  • Managers and employees – based on their position and access rights - can easily search any information (recorded content, pictures, reports or other documents that are important businesswise) anywhere whenever they need it. There's no more need to make copies.
  • All employees may manage documents in their own screens - if need be, separated by organizational units.
  • Documents can be delegated at various levels, user manuals and performance guidelines can be allocated to several levels or tasks can be associated with documents. With this function all activities are transparent and controlled.
  • One may identify jobs to be prepared by a specific deadline or pending jobs.
  • The time and energy spent on filing and managing documents can be reduced to a minimum.
  • With the help of the inbuilt alarm function employees are always notified on pending tasks.
  • There's no need to search information, emails, letters, contracts and invoices for hours anymore - lots of useful time is freed with the help of BX DMS ONE.
  • Simple archiving – during our work in SAP Business One we can register information and documents with only a few clicks within the workflow in the SAP Business One menu.
  • Quick access to documents – The system automatically indexes documents generated in SAP Business One and makes them quickly searchable for users. With the help of BX DMS ONE any information or document can be economically, securely and immediately accessed directly from the SAP Business One interface.
  • Document security – Based on the authorization system all confidential documents are safe; you may monitor who did what and when with the given document.
  • Cost-efficiency – With the use of the BX DMS ONE document system administration costs  (data input, faxes, workforce and time) are reduced and business cycles are accelerated.
  • IT-costs – The system is aligned to the existing information technology network, infrastructure and does not require additional hardware investments.

Areas where you can very successfully use the BX DMS ONE add-on:

  • sales
  • finance
  • storage