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Integrated electronic billing – BX eDoc+

More and more companies would like to use electronic billing services. There are two methods to issue electronic bills. One of them creates PDF format documents with electronic signature and timestamp while the other is the EDI (electronic data interchange) method.

Documents equipped with electronic signature timestamp are becoming more and more popular in Hungary. Billing is in the focus point of this document category because electronic billing offers advantages for all stakeholders.

The BX eDoc+ is an add-on to SAP Business One and allows users to release invoices both with non-classified (increased protection; legal effect: written form) and classified electronic signature (equals to private document providing conclusive evidence) as well as timestamp and store them as authentic electronic documents.

Instead of transforming slow and administration-heavy printed billing processes into electronic processes SAP Business One saves significant amount of time, energy, work and costs each year. With the help of BX eDoc+ companies can reduce paper consumption, printing, postal, storage and archiving costs and may avoid loss of time with postal delivery.


Billing with the press of a button

Electronic invoices can be issued from SAP Business One with a few clicks to accelerate the process that finally results in higher quality service for customers.

More safe document retention

Based on legislative regulations financial documents must be retained for 8-10 years. Electronic, time stamped invoices are stored in the SAP Business One system in line with the legal requirements and are automatically saved at various levels. As opposed to printed documents electronic retention prevents loss and damage to the document.

Simpler and quicker search

There is no need to leaf through printed invoices. With the use of the BX eDoc+ extension module the given invoice can be searched with a simple press of a button.


There's no need to print, post and store invoices that would otherwise cost a substantial amount of money.

Man-hour saving solution

Reduces the companies’ administrative burden and potential errors by enabling more effective work.

Environment friendly solution

With the use of BX eDoc+ the companies’ paper consumption is significantly reduced thereby supporting an environment conscious operation.

Competitive advantage - supplier motivation

Owing to the significant acceleration and accuracy of billing processes suppliers’ lawful claims are satisfied within the payment deadline even if any of the invoiced items are debated.

Abundant resources are offered by tenders to finance the investment

There are many tenders to finance the implementation of electronic billing solutions and many more are expected in the coming years. The New Hungary Development Plan specifically mentions electronic billing is a key focus area to be supported.

Supported by the Tax Authority

From a taxation point of view the solution is equal to traditional printed systems as it fully complies with the authorities’ requirements on the format of electronic invoices.

Background, questions, answers

What do we need to use BX eDoc+ ?

  • SAP Business One integrated company management system
  • Non-classified (increased security) or classified certificate (for electronically signature) for the enterprise
  • Timestamp, intelligent chipcard (BALE), card reader

During the design of the product we strived to create a full-scope solution therefore everything in included in a single package - an integrated product.

What are the rules of acceptance of electronic invoices?

Based on the VAT law there is no need for preliminary harmonization/agreement with the customer prior to the release of electronic invoices.

What are the information technology requirements of electronic billing and document retention ?

  • signature certificate
  • classified time stamp
  • regular saving
  • internet connection

What is the signature certificate?

Within the frame of electronic signature certificate services NetLock provides certificate issue services both at increased security and at classified level. Based on the relevant provisions of law increased security documents equipped with electronic signature are legally identical with printed/written documents whereas electronic documents with classified electronic signature have the effect as private documents providing conclusive evidence. The certificate necessary for the operation of the BX eDoc+ module is provided by NetLock Kft., one of the four Hungarian authentication service providers.

What is the Secure Signature Creation Device (BALE)?

The Secure Signature Creation Device is a hardware tool, with which the signatory creates the electronic signature using signature creating data. Our expert team developed the BX Doc+ module for SBO users, so that they are able to sign documents electronically.

What makes a signature authentic?

The notion of classified signatures were introduced by the EU directive on electronic signature, and then Act XXXV. of 2001 was introduced in the Hungarian law. Electronic signatures are authentic if:

  • he Tcertificate creating the signature comes from a registered authenticity provider;
  • The authenticity provider is registered by the National Communication Agency (in Hungary: National Communications Authority)
  • The signature chain that belongs to the certificate given by the authenticity provider is full and valid;
  • The certificate creating the signature is valid at the moment of signing.

What does “non-classified electronic signature” mean?

Authentication (signature) of increased security documents; legal effect: written form.

What does “classified electronic signature” mean?

Documents authenticated by classified electronic signatures have the same legal effect as private documents providing full evidence.