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LogiNet Webshop

The LogiNet Webshop was developed for  small and medium-sized enterprises, containing the most important functions as a user-friendly webshop system integrated with SAP Business One.

Main functions of the system:

Webshop interface for customers

  • Dynamic product search and page listing with filtering and selection options
  • Product site with product descriptions, attributes and pictures
  • Virtual cart function, cart summary and detailed cart page
  • SEO-friendly architecture, full-scope settings options for links and metadata
  • Buying process closing, user-friendly checkout function
  • Free text product search function, quick hit list and detailed search options
  • Search friendly interface

Webshop administration interfaces

  • Product catalogue administration: management of categories, products and item numbers
  • Stock/stock level management
  • Promotion logic: percent, fix price and fix discount special offers
  • Management of delivery fee items, transportation within Hungary and abroad
  • Management of order servicing work processes with continuous customer contact
  • User administration, access management
  • Excel-based data entry, image group upload

Content administration

  • Management of menus, articles, pages, pictures and menu structure
  • System message, email template management
  • Banner management functionality
  • Search optimization (SEO) module
  • Full-scope static label editing on the page

SAP Business One integration functions

  • Partner management, creation and synchronization of new partners with SAP Business One
  • Scheduled updating of stock and product prices from SAP Business One to the webshop
  • Registration of orders, immediate creation of documents in SAP Business One

Small Business additional functions

  • Expansion of the promotion logic: coupon management, upsell-, cross-sell offers
  • Cart link API that helps to save the cart and send it as a link
  • E-commerce connections: content-product-, product-product-connection management and with the help of this function the definition of accessories, alternative products and content linked to websites
  • Customer relations functions: automatic segmentation, automatic notifications for certain actions, newsletter option


  • Basic design template, upload of customer logo and landing page banner. Colors and fonts can be customized in the system settings.
  • Wiki format online manual plus 2x60 minutes training on the use of the system.
  • Warranty, monitoring, telephone and online support for 1 year.
  • Fee of the first year’s operation (webhosting).

Optional auxiliary services

Bank card/online payment module (CIB, Unicredit, K&H, OTP, PayPal turnkey payment options are available)

Webdesign and its implementation with various methods

  • Web template customization: we help to choose from the web template set available in the internet then we customize and implement it in line the customer's requirements on the logo, colors and other ideas. The advantage of the solution is that it provides quick and high quality results while simplifying the front end development phase.
  • Responsive template: responsive templates are also available but they need a certain level of attention in return of which the end result will also be responsive.
  • Customized web design: we prepare and implement a customized, desktop optimized web design in line with the customer’s ideas and requests. No mobile version is available.
  • Customized responsive web design: we offer customized web design based on the customer's ideas that includes smart phone display as well. After this the design is implemented in a responsive, automatically resizing version therefore the mobile version will also be available.

Development of customized modules, as required by the customer.

Search engine optimization, website traffic increase

Design and implementation of PPC advertisement campaigns

Foreign language options