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Payroll system

BaBér for SAP Business One payroll system, „the payment device”

The BaBér for SAP Business One payroll system was specifically designed for Hungarian small and medium enterprises. It offers a full-scope payroll functionality, managing work time settlement, cafeteria system, etc., with electronic data supply, including sick-leave payment settlement. Currently more than 5000 businesses’  350,000 employees are managed with the payroll function of the system.

The BaBér for SAP Business One is an integral part of the SAP Business One company management system. Shared master data and the automatic general ledger posting of accounting data ensures data registration with one-off data entry.

The BaBér for SAP Business One is a modular system that can be customized to the individual needs of any company.

Wages module

The wages module registers hundreds of data on a single employee. It provides a wide range of options to set the required employment, income type etc. or lists as required by the law.

The module is suitable to manage the payroll functionality of employees’ basic salary, regular and non-regular fringe benefits in any type of employment. The base wage can be defined in foreign currencies and can be displayed in EUR in the program.

The individual wage elements and deductions can be freely set and extended in the program.

The module supports:

  • monthly and hourly wages,
  • absence payment or average wage,
  • tiered or rolling taxation,
  • deduction of personal income tax,
  • the order of deductions in accordance with the applicable laws,
  • payments for work in addition to full time employment,
  • attendance records,
  • private pension fund- and company contribution,
  • voluntary private pension fund- and company contribution
  • deduction of pensions- and social security contribution while monitoring the maximum contribution base.

The program prepares:

  • payment slips, wage summaries and wage sheets,
  • wire transfer files on disk,
  • social security aggregate data,
  • data supply to pension funds,
  • data provisioning of discharged employees,
  • monthly reports (new entrants - discharged employees) for the authority - OEP,
  • PSZAF-reports,
  • pension fund and voluntary pension fund data supply,
  • general ledger posting - with accountant control - into the SAP Business One system.

Labor affairs module

The Labor Affairs module helps manage labor affairs, as it contains a large number of data. Some of the images used in the system are shared with the Wages module. Labor affairs administrators are allowed to record and view all labor affairs and wages data of the employees. Hundreds of data can be recorded besides wages data. We tried to build every category into the system that may be necessary for work.

The Labor Affairs module can calculate employees’ holidays and extra holidays. This functionality is performed as a full-scope service and takes into account all factors. The calculated holidays can be printed on several kinds of lists, e.g. holiday report list.

Several types of documents can be created with the Labor Affairs module in relation to recruitment, discharge and other information of employees. For example: employment contract, assignment contract, discharge document etc. The system can store the employees CVs and photos.

The program generates all reports that are required by the Central Statistics Office (monthly labor reports, May statistics).

The program prepares the EMMA data supply in an internet compliant format.

Sick pay module

The module determines and accounts the payments for a sick pay period based on wages and labor affairs data. The module automatically calculates the sick pay base, division factors and percentage entitlement.

In accordance with the current regulations the module determines the amount of sick pay and the time of its disbursement based on previous places of work and insured periods.

The module prepares the necessary reports, e.g. sick pay statistics, datasheet, payment slip.

On the basis of individual agreements the OEP/MEP (National Health Insurance Institution, County Health Insurance Institution) accepts several documents prepared by BaBér, that do not need to be prepared manually following an individual authorization process.