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Price calculation - BX MACC

Precise price calculation is one of the decisive but very problematic elements of business success. There are numerous situations in the life of manufacturers and service companies when quick and accurate price calculation is a must for being competitive or provides competitive advantage: a new product is introduced to the market, the products are introduced to a new supply chain or another market segment, or when an offer is made for a new contract possibility.

One of the decisive factors of business success is correct price calculation. BX MACC realizes quick and accurate cost calculation of products based on calculation schemes in SAP Business One.

The BX MACC price calculation module is a branch specific solution that can plan, organize and optimize your pricing strategy and price calculation factors. The resources, processes needed for price calculation become more accurate, quotes are based on real information and can be prepared quickly and reliably. With this one can spare time and money, create more quotes in shorter time while companies’ business processes become quicker and more effective.

The BX MACC price calculation module is fully integrated into SAP Business One, flexible, easy to use, lives up to modern technology requirements and offers an effective tool for the detailed design and timing of the manufacturing process. The system is very reliable therefore its operation and maintenance is simple and cost effective.


  • accurate, reliable quotes can be created based on actual information
  • higher competitiveness with the help of quick and clear-cut price building
  • secured return of investment, no more underpriced quote
  • due dates can be kept (according to quotes), satisfied customers
  • plannable labor processes and investment/implementation costs
  • well-grounded business decisions