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Production management with SAP Business One

The BX Core add-on – significantly extending the SAP Business One manufacturing functions - offers a flexible and scalable solution for companies with simple and complex manufacturing processes alike.

The integrated company management system is flexible, easy to use, lives up to modern technology requirements and offers an effective tool for the design and timing of the manufacturing process.

The joint use of SAP Business One and BX Core logically connects the information necessary for the decision-making/controlling process thereby the system can be used more quickly and effectively.

Benefits in production control

  • industry-specific solution for manufacturing and production companies
  • plannable investment and implementation costs
  • quick return of the investment
  • multi-layer manufacturing process support
  • multiple shift support
  • allocation of shifts to machines
  • traceable workflows
  • plannable and measurable use of capacities
  • dynamic inventory system
  • workshop data entry through ÜAR terminals
  • immediate provision of information on availability of items for sales
  • order and project specific planning
  • sub-contractor activity support, manufacturing in cooperation

Measurable results in customer service quality

  • earliest delivery deadline estimate feature to improve sales offers and customer orders
  • precise delivery deadline planning and fulfillment
  • quick confirmation of orders
  • effective preparation of quotations
  • reliable and continuous availability
  • up-to-date production, sales, efficiency data supply
  • optimization of existing business processes
  • significant reduction of lead times