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BX PRO project management for project-based industries and manufacturers of special products

The management of project-based companies is a complex activity. The complex and interchangeable relations of customer requests, engineering, procurement, project management and resource planning are a great challenge for all project-based enterprises. Besides, it is essential to have a direct and immediate access to project data. The integrated control and coordination of business processes with BX PRO significantly improves profitability and the better utilization of resources while reduces delivery deadlines, errors and overtime. Most project-based enterprises that manufacture unique items still do not use integrated systems but work with separate tables, planning and accounting programs and with the use of printed documents. General purpose company management systems are not suitable for this purpose, not even with significant customization. Neither the corporate level general material requirement planning is suitable for project-based processes. One must find a solution without compromises, a solution that fully meets the requirements of the respective manufacturer. This new world is brought to companies by BX PRO.

BX PRO supports project processes, material requirement and resource capacity planning, scheduling and monitoring. This ensures that projects are completed by the relevant deadline and stay within the budget. The combination of BX PRO and SAP Business One offers a complex solution and contains CRM-, logistics, labor cost-settlement, accounting, time management and invoice scheduling functions as well. BX PRO offers all this as a uniform product, with a consistent user interface, integrated into the SAP Business One system that provides shorter lead times, higher project profit, better use of resources and last but not least less stress.