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The DSI Trans industry add-on is developed mainly for small and medium enterprises for the administration of transportation tasks with the SAP Business One enterprise system.

Main functions:

Broad use of master data.

  • Uniform registration of business partners’ master data that can be used to manage transportation, bidding, financial / bank transaction administration tasks and financial analysis. The registration of drivers and their phone numbers is supported by the SMS technology-based stock reporting function.
  • Uniform item data registration that can be used for sales and billing activities.
  • The registration of position master data can be helpful for the placement of folders and to allocate delivery jobs.
  • Registration of master data for all vehicles, towable cargo, machinery and other vehicles.
  • In the case of tower-trucks one can set the serial number range of shipment documents.
  • Registration of any document data, monitoring the validity of documents. The system automatically notifies users prior to the expiry of the document.
  • Registration of tire condition, logging changes, historic data view option.
  • Registration of service events.
  • Registration of fuel price to calculate fuel saving data.

Transport organization to support administrative tasks.

  • Registration of customers’ transport orders.
  • Registration of goods data: name, quantity, specification of the place of load/unload.
  • Registration of load data: productive quantity split, registration of concrete data.
  • Registration of price data, several services can be priced within the same transport order.
  • Outbound invoices can be prepared as an aggregate and as performance transactions as well, aggregate invoices.
  • Several transport jobs can be allocated the same transport order.
  • Confirmation of transport orders in a printed or electronic form too.
  • Registration of customers’ transport orders via the internet.
  • Sent/placed orders can be saved into internal transport orders after which the data can be corrected, updated.
  • Monitoring the fulfillment of transport orders on the internet.
  • Registration of supplier transport tasks.
  • Transport tasks can be allocated to subcontractors and own vehicles.
  • Modification on the completion of tasks manually or via text message technology.
  • Text messages can be sent to the driver’s mobile phone, several transport tasks can be completed within the same transport job.
  • The diver sends back a text message on the completion of task to the customer.
  • The program automatically reads text messages and allocates them to the individual transport tasks - than the stock information is automatically updated.

Support of retrospective settlement of transport tasks with own vehicles.

  • Registration of transport events based on the transport documents with the use of the driver master data
  • Automatic allocation of transport document serial numbers.
  • Use of own and third party towed cargo, contracted towing management.
  • Date and mileage data supervision, continuous and uninterrupted entry of data.
  • Registration of station data, calculation of time spent abroad.
  • Simple registration of load weight.
  • Calculation of daily allowance (even for drivers), document re-printing options.
  • Calculation of fuel consumption by norm, registration of actual fuel consumption in the SAP Business One system