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BX PRO for manufacturers of unique items

The management of companies that manufacture unique products is a complex activity. The complex and interchangeable relations of customer requests, engineering, procurement, project management and resource planning are a great challenge for all such enterprises. Besides, it is essential to have a direct and immediate access to a huge amount of data. The integrated control and coordination of business processes with BX PRO significantly improves profitability and the better utilization of resources while reduces delivery deadlines, errors and the overtime. Most enterprises that manufacture unique items still do not use integrated systems, instead, they work with tables and planning / accounting programs and printed documents. General purpose company management systems are not suitable for this purpose, not even with significant customization. Neither corporate level general material requirement planning is suitable for customized and unique processes. One must find a solution without compromises, a solution that fully meets the requirements of the respective manufacturer. This new world is brought to companies by BX PRO.

BX PRO supports unique manufacturing processes, material requirement and resource capacity planning, scheduling and monitoring. This ensures that production is completed by the relevant deadline and stays within the budget. The combination of BX PRO and SAP Business One offers a complex solution and contains CRM-, logistics, labor cost-settlement, accounting, time management and invoice scheduling functions as well. BX PRO offers all this as a uniform product, with a consistent user interface, integrated into the SAP Business One system that provides shorter lead times, higher profit, better use of resources and last but not least less stress.

BX PRO and SAP Business One

BX PRO and SAP Business One provide a complex IT ecosystem for companies that organize (the majority of) their work into projects. BX PRO was designed specifically for such companies. The result is a flexible and strongly integrated solution that is perfectly aligned to the specific needs of project-based enterprises. BX PRO perfectly fits the needs of companies from various industries because it is equally suitable for companies that work in a “mixed operation mode” (i.e. their operation is only partially based on projects). Mixed operation mode companies are very common by now and BX PRO/SAP Business One is just perfect for them. Companies that combine services, manufacturing and project activities (also) require systems that ensure wide scope of functionalities and integrated, easy-to-use operation.

Design and scheduling unique manufacturing processes

The graphic project management (Gantt) diagram gives real-time access to resource and material requirement data. Raw material orders are linked to unique manufacturing activities and are directly visible in the project diagram.

Resource capacity planning

When doing interactive, graphic capacity planning the project activities and resource requirements can be allocated to the company's resources (departments, employees and machines) with the “drag&drop” method.

Management of offers and sales

The effectiveness of offers and project management can be significantly improved in the sales processes. One can give more precise deadlines in quotations because the workload of machines and employees is immediately visible in the project diagram.

Labor cost settlement

The data on the expected profit, planned and actual costs and unfinished production are directly visible. The detailed data of activities, material and employees can be viewed with a simple press of a button. The project status, progress and ongoing processes are always reasonable on the basis of the actual data.

Centralized accounting and billing

The issue of invoices can be scheduled with advance payment invoices and in line with the progress of the project. Invoices can be linked to milestones, activities or concrete dates.

Worktime settlement

Cost and performance information related to (approved) cost- and worktime reports are immediately visible in the project budget and the project diagram as well. Worktime data can also be entered from remote internet interfaces and mobile devices too.

Procurement, production and stocks

The sophisticated material requirement planning, production and procurement functions allow the connection of material requirements to project activities or milestones that support properly scheduled procurement and production functions. Procurement for project-based and multi-warehouse solutions are both supported.

Financial administration

The integrated financial administration module receives the basic data the from related process transactions. Financial information can be queried flexibly and for all functionalities.

Customer relations management (CRM)

The sales, marketing- and service departments will have a versatile CRM-functionality including business opportunity management and a uniform central database features. The uniform customer database is fully integrated into the data of offers, orders and the related master data.