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Warehouse management – BX WH

Today's warehouse technology requires companies to ensure precise monitoring of their warehouse processes to ensure precise and reliable warehouse operation and to access easily understandable data for their company management systems.

BX WH is an extension to SAP Business One warehouse management, which offers location management in warehouses. The add-on ensures the accurate and effective realisation of warehouse movements, precise location definition at incoming and outgoing transactions for items that are stored at warehouses defined in SAP Business One. It is also possible to transfer goods and to monitor warehouse movements. The BX WH extension can be further developed with SAP Business One tools.


  • more effective organization of work in the warehouse
  • more effective utilization of the warehouse
  • quicker inventory management
  • stock found only at inventory is reduced
  • less warehouse staff
  • lower costs
  • less error at saving and transferring data
  • traceability
  • reliable operation, proper order of items

Supported functionality

With the BX WH add-on you can define locations within a warehouse and the locations can be further divided according to X,Y,Z coordinates. One can assign fixed items (single item attribute) to a warehouse location described with the coordinates and the most important warehouse location information can be saved. The system supports fix location and chaotic warehouse management, and it is possible to manage warehouse processes separately.

  • Item data
  • Default location
  • Location data
  • Default item
  • Single item / single charge location
  • Capacity
  • Locks
  • Stock information for item
  • Stock information for location
  • Inventory
  • Transaction journal
  • Goods receipt
  • Goods issue
  • Item transfer
  • Issue for production
  • Receipt from production
  • Issue according to pick list
  • Enhanced inventory
  • Non-located movements management

Supplementary function:BX Mobil WH

Thanks to the development of technology identification technologies (for example barcode technology, identification with radio frequencies, pick-up voice, etc.) in warehouses create a basis for accurate and precise registration of goods and warehouse management.

BX Mobile WH is an extension of the BX WH location inventory that enables the use of mobile IT tools to support the warehouse activity. With the use of the system the physical movement of items can be traced immediately and the warehouse registration is supported with a barcode identification system.