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Real time business with SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA

SAP Business Suite is now powered by our next-generation platform, SAP HANA – so you can run every facet of your business in real time. This modern suite of applications unifies analytics and transactions on a single in-memory platform – for smarter innovations, faster business processes, and simpler interactions.

  • Uncover new growth opportunities ahead of the competition
  • Dramatically accelerate your core business processes to run at market speed
  • Empower your people to decide and act in the moment with real-time insights
  • Innovate without disruption on an open platform
  • Benefit from a choice of database technologies and vendors
  • Get full support from your partners

Speed time to value for SAP HANA, our in-memory computing technology, with T-Systems Services

Plan, deploy, and optimize your investment in SAP HANA – our lightning-quick in-memory computing platform – with SAP Services. T-Systems’s consultants can help you assess your current situation, determine the best first-use case for in-memory technology, and create a comprehensive, multi-year road map – for a smooth, reliable, and cost-effective delivery.

Why T-Systems?

  • T-Systems has SAP World-wide Gold Partner (GVAR) Certification
  • T-systems is one of the limited numbers of Certified SAP HANA partner
  • More than hundred experienced resource pool with project references
  • Multi multilingual local resources
  • Several certified references world-wide and in CEE also

The potential benefits?

  • Greater flexibility and competitiveness with a combination of standard offerings and regional solutions
  • Faster, more affordable delivery of SAP HANA projects with preconfigured rapid-deployment packages
  • Improved problem-solving for complex business scenarios with extended applications and/or custom solutions
  • Increased support with a collaborative team of experts across analytics, database, and custom development